Welcome to the IoT transformation

A universe of linked devices, services and people is the key to a new era of competitiveness.


What is IoT?

Imagine a universe of intelligent products, processes and services that communicate with each other and with people over the internet.

From smartphones and smart meters to medical devices and sensors, connected devices collect data that creates efficiencies and reduces waste for consumers and companies alike. The Internet of Things will transform companies and countries, opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness.

Insurance and the Internet of Things

Explosive growth brings tremendous opportunity for insurers.

The Internet of Health Things takes off

IOHT's multibillion-dollar outlook speaks for itself. Are healthcare execs listening?An approach that uses advanced technologies to reinvent products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, accelerating operational efficiency and enterprise-wide growth.

Cyber Resilient Business

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Build the cyber resilience you need to grow confidently.

What It Is

A “bend, but don’t break” approach to securing the enterprise that combines the disciplines of cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience.

Why It Matters

Cyber Resilient Businesses are able to operate while under persistent threats and sophisticated attacks, enabling them to embrace disruption safely, strengthen customer trust and boost shareholder value.

Where It's Going

Cyber Resilient Businesses will elevate the role of security in the organization, require leaders to communicate its importance and manage its application, and ensure all employees participate in its success.

Data Security Fundamentals

A solid cybersecurity foundation requires secure data. Learn the basics of data-centric security and pressure testing.

Cost of Cyber Crime Report

Insights on the security investments that make a difference. Learn more here

How to achieve data-centric security

Did you know significant data breaches at companies typically have three things in common.

A shift to data-centric security

It's a mindset executives should embrace by thinking about cybersecurity differently.

Threat Intelligence

Knowledge is crucial to security. Learn about new threats, security trends and strategies to stay cybersecure and resilient.


Cyber Threatscape Report 2018

The Cyber Threatscape Report reveals emerging cyber trends and threats which anticipates cybersecurity developments for the remainder of 2019. Learn more.

2019 XS Cyber Resilience Outlook

Five steps security teams can take to close the gap on cyber attackers and embed security into the fabric of their organizations.

How to protect yourself from malware attacks

XS is tracking, Meltdown and Spectre are among the latest vulnerabilities to raise cybersecurity concerns.

Cybersecurity Governance for the Board

Cyber resilience starts at the top. Spread the role of security throughout the organization and align it with the business.

Four cybersecurity questions every CEO must ask

If companies are to succeed in becoming a business resilient to cyber attacks, they will need a robust cybersecurity strategy to underpin it all.

Securing the future enterprise today

Xonic Systems surveyed c-suite executives on how they prioritize security in new business initiatives. Learn the five ways to build cyber resilience.

The cyber-committed CEO

Three industry leading practices make cybersecurity more business-relevant to the c-suite and board.

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